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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Pivot Your Strategies and Achieve Your Growth Goals

Retailers often spend most of their time, money and resources driving clicks and traffic to their websites, thinking that is the end. But here’s the thing: Generating interest is the first step in using search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. The real challenge is to turn that click and traffic into profit. This is where the improvement of the conversion rate comes in.

How we work

  • 1. Basic Consultation & Proposal

    Our First Step is to understand your requirements, competitor research and then accordingly provide complete framework and create masterplan of SEO and CRO.

  • 2. Discussion on Everything

    After we have made the framework and masterplan the second step is to discuss on each and everything so we do cover everything before starting the work.

  • 3. Do Basic On-Page & Off Page SEO

    After discussing everything we do start doing On Page and Off Page SEO of the website and also do some technical changes if needed for technical SEO do the website is ready to get good traffic

  • 4. Doing Research on Traffic & Clicks

    Once website starts getting traffic we do monitor it 24/7 to have complete research on the nature of traffic it’s getting and how many clicks website is getting from that traffic in order to have an idea on conversion

  • 5. Conversion Rate Optimization

    After all the research is done in step 4 we do start making necessary changes to the website to drive those traffic to clicks and clicks to conversion


Consulting (Basic SEO & CRO Consultation)


On Page SEO Starting at


Off Page SEO Starting at


Complete (On Page, Off Page & Technical) SEO Starting at


Conversion Rate Optimization Starting at