Digixperts helps clients manage their PPC campaigns

From Google Ads to Facebook ads, we help our clients reach their buyers on the paid platforms that are most effective. Over the years we’ve managed millions of dollars of PPC budget and we’ve learned what makes a great relationship between a client and their PPC agency. We’ve built our PPC management program based on what gets our clients the best results while providing the ultimate level of transparency.

Decrease in Cost-Per-Lead
Increase in eCommerce Sales
Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)
Reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC)

Management Services Offered

Our PPC management program covers the following ad platforms:

3 Simple Steps to Process

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You Own the Account

Your PPC account is an asset. You paid for it to be built and optimized, and you should own it, regardless of who your PPC management agency is.

Optimize for Conversions

You care about leads and/or sales, not clicks, or impressions, or click-through-rate (CTR), or any other vanity metrics. We only optimize for the metrics your business understands and cares about.

Report in Natural Language

We report on the metrics your business cares about, and spare you the technical gibberish. Unless you want to nerd out, then we’re happy to talk shop.

No Silos

Digixperts PPC program is built to support the efforts of our overall digital marketing department, specifically content marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO).

No Long-Term Contracts

Our PPC contracts run month-to-month and require 30 days notice to cancel. We believe the best way to keep a client around is to do an amazing job, not lock them into a long-term contract.

No Autopilot

We manually manage campaigns on a daily and/or weekly basis depending on the velocity of the spend. This ensures our PPC managers are always keeping a pulse on the account performance and making improvements quickly.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each client has a dedicated point of contact, who provides weekly updates, responds to any questions in less than 24 hours, attends weekly or monthly calls, and is available for questions whenever needed.

Have The Best People

While we use some technology to track and tweak campaigns, the people we have managing the accounts are the reason for performance improvements. From our account managers, to PPC specialists, to graphic designers and web developers, we invest heavily in recruiting and retaining the most-talented people around.

Set a New High Score

When Digixperts takes over any new PPC accounts, our goal is to set a new high score. While maintaining an account is great, that’s not what drives us. We’re passionate about showing how much we can improve when given the opportunity. It’s not uncommon for us to increase conversions by 50-90%.

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